Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

Hot Stone History

Hot stone massage seems to be the 'in' new thing about Day Spa Menus worldwide. But stone massage just isn't a new therapy. Hot stones are actually used for massage for many thousands of years by Indigenous Cultures from Russia, Hawaii, Japan and United states. The stones used in Hot Stone Massage are mostly basalt stones created by Volcanic activity. The surfaces appear to have been smoothed - in river dog beds or tossed by the ocean for quite a while.

A Stone Massage Session

Smooth warmed basalt stones are used to massage the body within long flowing strokes to relax and unwind muscle tension and stress in the body. The sensation produced through gliding, heated stones over the body combined with the occasional "click" of the stones touching the other, is something that can solely be appreciated by experiencing this. The heat of the gems, combined with the soothing sliding movement, warms and relaxes the muscles to some much greater extent than that achieved by massaging the body with the actual hands alone. Using stones in massage is related to 'ironing'. The warm stone 'irons' the muscle effectively assisting to unwind and relax tight tight areas.

What to Expect

This stone massage varies from hypnotherapist to therapist. The stones is going to be warmed in a heater and placed on your body. A number of very specific shapes and sizes of basalt stones are used throughout the massage, applied to specific areas and energy centers around the body. The therapist will massage you with the stones in the same way to normal relaxation massage - mostly really the only difference is that the hypnotherapist is holding a stone while they may be massaging.

The stones should be warm - not to hot even though the massage is referred to as Hot Stone Massage. When the therapist places the stone in your body ideally you will feel a sensation comparable to getting into a warm shower or shower. The temperature ought to be wonderfully warming and inviting and never be a shock to the entire body or feel as though it may well burn. If you are in any respect concerned in your massage that this stones are too hot - be proactive and ask that they be taken off immediately. With an experienced Stone Massage Therapist you will end up in very good hands and 30 minutes into your massage you is going to be blissed out. In fact you possibly will not even remember all your therapeutic massage.

Tips for Therapists

Stone Choice for Hot Stone Massage

Stones for Hot Stone Massage are selected according to their composition, size, texture and shape. The composition of stones refers to the types and minerals the stones are constructed of - such as iron, birdwatcher, nickel, manganese, serpentine and olivine. The stones for hot rock massage are igneous or metamorphic and come in many different colours depending on the mineral make up of the stone: green, dark-colored, brown, blue, and gray.

The form of a stone is important for particular body placements, such like a cylindrical stone for the fretboard or an oval stone for the palm. The texture is important when you don't want to scratch litigant. Be careful when choosing stones you never use ones that have pointed edges or any sharp chips. Most natural stones have curves and crevasses and as long as they are smoothed they are excellent to utilize in massage. A slightly rough stone may be used for exfoliation.

Finding Massage Pebbles

Stones are found in aspects of old Volcanic activity - take a peek in river beds or close to ocean headlands nearby. Be careful though while you are picking up stones that there's no spider or snake hiding. Use a stick to move the rock. Stones for massage are best when they are tossed by the water for quite a while. This process is natures means of tumbling them. Some countries have laws that prevent people from buying stones, so always enquire previous to taking them.

Heating the Pebbles

When you heat basalt stones always make sure they are heated in water as there is always a possibility of them cracking. If you heat them within water, the water will contain virtually any damage that may occur due to the stone breaking. This is highly unlikely : but you still need to understand the possibility. NEVER heat the stones in a microwave or in a dried up oven. Have a container with cool water from it to place in a stone that you could feel is too warm for the client. The stone will great quickly. The water in the stone heater ought to be a temperature that is comfortable that you place your hand in - it truly is quite simple really if the actual stone is too hot that you handle it is too hot for the client to have on his or her body. By taking precautions together with your stones you will ensure a new safe session for both you whilst your client.

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